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Teachers, We See You

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behind the mask,
the screen

The smiling,
meticulously planned
leader of learning

back and forth
with the tides of schooling

The imperfect,
never feeling like enough
do-er of everything

with your spark dimming
as you strain
under the surface

whose first true glimpse of this thing
you always wanted to be, to do
was through a screen

with twenty-five Septembers,
but none
that has felt like this

who have learned,
and learned anew
We see you
and we are in awe
who said, “AITE let’s do this”
who said, “I’m afraid”
who said, “I need help”
And You,
treading, breathless

who saw a boy in a hoodie,
a man on the ground,
a woman asleep

And saw the faces in front of you
each day,
saw your role
in this sea change

Leader of learners
do-er of everything
rising tide of

What a year it has been

The way we speak to ourselves has a profound impact on the way we interact with the world. It can impact our actions, our relationships, and whether or not we achieve our goals. Using this mindfulness exercise, take the time to sit with your inner voice and notice how you speak to yourself.

Learning to fully accept yourself, flaws and all, takes work. This self-acceptance worksheet can set a course to understand how our weaknesses, fears, regrets, and shame hold us back and help discover how we can learn to live with what makes us unique.

“Experiencing gratitude serves our happiness. Expressing it reminds others how they matter.”

Adam Grant

Four-day Institutes

Join us for a four-day course and learn with a group of your peers from around the world.

Keep your classroom community strong during distance or in-person teaching with practices like Morning Meeting and Responsive Advisory Meeting.

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Fly Five

Center for Responsive Schools is currently developing Fly Five: The Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum, scheduled for release in the Spring of 2021.

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