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Last month, we asked our social media followers to share their tips for helping students with friendships. Here are some of the best responses, along with resources to help you act on their advice.

Jamie (@JamieSpecca) Through giving healthy advice, not concrete answers. Students will always have developing and growing personalities, and acknowledging that friendships between individuals can change over time is important for students to understand, as well!

Learn more about the developmental stages of friendship in “Friendships: Why Are They So Important?” here.

Melanie (@missmelly123123) Honoring each part of Morning Meeting—seeking sharing and activities that foster connections. Heterogeneous groupings where at all possible. Academic Choice brings kids together via shared interests. Ensuring there’s time for play. I teach third. Going into fifth year after 23 in K.

Sharing and connecting during daily meetings are important at all ages. Check out these free resources for activities and greetings:

Cheryl (@garnetlanefarm) We often tell our students to “use their words,” but that assumes they know what words to use. In first grade, we role-play a lot…I teach my students to use “I messages” to express their feelings in appropriate ways. “I feel ___ when you. I wish you would ___.”

Help your students brainstorm what words to use with their friends with the free, downloadable Welcome Wagon activity here.

Your response could be featured here next month! Follow @CRSLearn on Twitter and watch for our next question of the month. If we publish your response in our August issue, you’ll receive a free copy of our Power of Observation Quick Coaching Guide!

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