Content and Curriculum Specialist

Program Development - Fly Five

DEPARTMENT: Program Development – Fly Five

SUPERVISED BY: Director of Content and Curriculum Development


The Content and Curriculum Specialist will be responsible for coordinating internal and external resources, ensuring projects remain within scope, scheduling and defining budgets for Fly Five programs and initiatives, and conducting in-depth research related to social and emotional learning and current educational issues and topics. They should seek ways to improve the internal processes necessary to get work done efficiently and must have a growth mindset with the ability to oversee their own projects with clear, and sometimes short-term, deadlines. They should also be adept at coordinating workflows for a remote team with an ability to learn and adopt new technologies, as needed. The Content and Curriculum Specialist must be eager to learn, flexible, able to work cooperatively with diverse groups of people to meet shared objectives, highly motivated with strong analytical skills, skilled in various forms of writing and capable of meeting multiple, often competing deadlines.

The Content and Curriculum Specialist is responsible for implementing the vision set forth by the  Director of Content and Curriculum Development for Fly Five Programs. This includes the completion of high-level administrative tasks related to budgeting, scheduling, digital data organization, record keeping, and coordinating workflow of internal team logistics as well as external logistics with vendors and contractors. The Content and Curriculum Specialist manages the administrative needs for all current projects and future development and must be able to work with Fly Five’s multiple matrixed teams and departments. This position will also be responsible for keeping the department up to date on new and trending educational topics as well as vetting social and emotional learning topics through research. Furthermore, they are responsible for compiling research into comprehensive and actionable literature reviews that are easily understood and improve Fly Five program implementation, and should be comfortable reading and synthesizing educational reports, research-based articles, and similar texts. This is a full-time, remote position. This work requires occasional travel off-site, and it also requires customer-facing meetings and communication.



  • Defines research questions, conceptualizing the framework and the scope of the review
  • Identifies reputable databases to search and conduct research from trusted peer-reviewed sources
  • Constructs effective and efficient database search strategies, implementing strategies to identify a full range of resources (e.g., abstracting and indexing services, reports, theses, datasets, full-text resources, the open web)
  • Uses bibliographic software to record and organize research searches and results
  • Reviews the literature, analyzing, summarizing, and synthesizing results
  • Makes strong connections between literature and Fly Five current or future programming
  • Provides actionable conclusions that can support current and future programming
  • Designs a literature review plan that consists of outlining, drafting, and drawing final conclusions
  • Writes a final report that effectively communicates the purpose, approach, findings, and conclusions of the review
  • Can effectively cite sources and compile research into annotated bibliographies and reference lists
  • Supports mixed methods research activities by using quantitative and qualitative research methods 

Communication and Organization

  • Creates and maintains organization of Google Suite drives and files
  • Maintains and manages project management software ( to support a variety of project needs
  • Organizes and maintains all workflow for communication and product development and production set by Director of Content and Curriculum Development
  • Monitors deliverables for all timelines, frameworks, protocols, and processes for producing, designing, and editing curriculum-related products and content
  • Maintains records of inventory for all curriculum-related products, marketing, and programming
  • Manages digital information concerning focus group participants, in-person and virtual classroom observations, and a variety of logistical and filing needs concerning the research for curriculum updates and expansion
  • Maintains digital files, transmittals, and deadlines for all projects, including those with outside vendors
  • Keeps detailed digital records of all vendor bids and contracts
  • Maintains notes for all meetings as a form of record keeping and communication
  • Maintains organization of work-for-hire contracts
  • Communicates progress of project deliverables, adherence to budget forecasts, potential staffing, and production needs to the Director through a weekly status report of all current projects
  • Communicates project details with internal and external team members to ensure deliverables are met
  • Initiates communication with potential vendors
  • Initiates contact with outside vendors, including but not limited to cultural centers, conferences, focus groups, school leaders, university staff, and researchers
  • Communicates priorities, deadlines, and needs to outside vendors and independent contractors
  • Maintains communication with contractual staff to ensure prompt payroll and onboarding
  • Communicates openly about potential improvements to team communication, processes, and logistics between teams, departments, contractors, and outside vendors
  • Maintains outside vendor relationships to ensure communication and clarity of project deliverables and budget

Technology and Logistics

  • Meets regularly throughout the workweek via video conference to provide status updates, communicate roles and responsibilities for the workload, strategically plan tasks to meet deliverables, and discuss challenges that need problem-solving
  • Works closely with Director of Content and Curriculum Development to facilitate and organize virtual and in-person events such as trade shows, expert panels, webinars, seminars, focus groups, discussion boards, Q&A sessions, large-scale conferences, etc.
  • Coordinates logistics for Fly Five staff to present and participate in a variety of events, including mini-courses, conferences, and other large-scale events
  • Helps to coordinate internal and all-staff training as needed
  • Sets up meetings and agendas with internal and external teams
  • Transmits contractual invoices (okay to pay) from all vendors to Finance in a succinct template that reflects the guidelines set by the Finance department
  • Coordinates multiple projects across the department
  • Transmits and manages development and review passes with the Graphic Design and Professional Development and Engagement departments
  • Works collaboratively with matrix teams, including with members of the CRS Publications department, Marketing department, Finance department, and Educational Partnerships department, and with outside vendors
  • Communicates any opportunities for improvements to processes and logistics
  • Is willing to learn new technologies to streamline organizational and departmental processes
  • Works in DocuSign and keeps record of all signed contracts.


  • Is deadline oriented with the ability to prioritize work to meet project due dates
  • Possesses the ability to juggle multiple projects at one time
  • Is highly organized, with strong attention to detail
  • Performs effectively as a team player in a highly collaborative work environment
  • Possesses the ability to work on tight deadlines
  • Is flexible to changes in the development process and deadlines
  • Has the ability and interest to work with a high degree of autonomy and professionalism


  • Operates within the team to maintain a positive culture, climate, and communication
  • Promotes and models the agreed-upon group norms of the department and all matrixed teams
  • Takes on new opportunities and challenges with a sense of urgency, high energy, and enthusiasm
  • Is effective in a variety of communication settings and among diverse styles and management levels
  • Maintains relevant knowledge of current organizational software and programs to automate and make departmental systems more efficient
  • Follows through on internal training to stay current with curriculum updates
  • Makes the most of available professional development resources
  • Performs effectively as a team player in a highly collaborative work environment
  • Works cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives
  • Settles differences in productive ways
  • Anticipates and adjusts effective contingency plans
  • Has a strong bottom-line orientation
  • Admits mistakes and gains insight from experiences
  • Relates comfortably to people across levels, functions, cultures, and regions


  • Associate’s degree in Psychology, Education, Social Sciences, English, Humanities, or related field
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • Previous experience as a research assistant; conducting literature reviews is a plus
  • Background or coursework in developmental psychology is not required but is a plus
  • Exceptional oral, written, analytical, and presentation skills
  • Experienced in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Suite
  • Ability to professionally represent the organization to vendors and others
  • Ability to travel occasionally
  • Ability to pass periodic background (including fingerprint) checks


  • Ability to use a computer for up to eight hours per day
  • Ability to talk on the phone for up to four hours per day
  • Ability to lift up to thirty pounds on occasion
  • Ability to travel by airplane or car, at times extensively

These requirements are representative, but not all-inclusive, of the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

This job description is only a summary of the typical functions of this position, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. Responsibilities, tasks, and duties of individual jobholders may vary from the above description. Other duties, as assigned by the jobholder’s supervisor, may also be required.

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