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Susan Lattanzi Roser

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Susan Lattanzi Roser

Susan Lattanzi Roser has been an educator since 1983. She taught pre-K through third grade for fifteen years, including in university lab school and magnet school settings. At the college level, Susan has taught courses in early childhood education as well as music and movement for young children. In 1998, Susan became a consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools, teaching principals, teachers, and parents around the country about the Responsive Classroom approach. Susan received her BS in human development, counseling, and family studies from the University of Rhode Island and her MA in education from Lesley College, with a concentration in using the creative arts in teaching. The daughter of an artist and a physician/musician, Susan enjoys finding ways to enhance learning for children and adults by weaving movement and the arts into her teaching. With her husband Mark and her two boys, Will and Wes, Susan lives in Connecticut, where the family spends time together being creative in numerous ways, including painting, playing piano, bird watching, frog catching, dog sledding, hosting exchange students, and living life to its fullest.

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