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OurĀ visionĀ is to influence and inspire a world-class education for every student in every school, every day and to bring hope and joy to educators and students alike.



Our mission is to partner with educators around the world to transform schools into optimal learning environments for all students and design inspiring, world-class, research- and evidence-based programs, products, and services for educators and students.



We believe that educating all children is the most important work in the world. The sole purpose of Center for Responsive Schools is to create research-based programs, products, and services to make that work possible.

We believe students learn and thrive in school and classroom environments that are responsive to their academic, social, and emotional strengths and needs.

We believe partnering with schools and educators is the best way to help them create those environments.

We believe that knowledge of and respect for the lived experiences of educators and students is foundational to creating programs, products, and services that meet their needs.



Center for Responsive Schools (CRS) is a nonprofit educational development organization and publishing house committed to developing high-quality social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, products, and services for students and educators. CRS has a near 40-year history of developing research- and evidence-based SEL programs, products, and services that are used by educators across the world. The work of CRS is designed by educational professionals and rigorously tested, in the classroom and school settings for which they are intended to be implemented, using improvement science research.

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