Fly Five: What You’ll Receive



What You’ll Receive:

Fly Five has a total curriculum alignment between the research-based standards, instructional program, and the Getting Started Assessment Suite (GSAS). The GSAS was developed alongside the standards and provides teachers insight about their hopes and goals for their classroom, supplying them with formative data to make informed lesson plans and productive decisions.

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum Standards and Skills

Based on over two years of research and field study in collaboration with teachers, school leaders, and counselors, the Standards for a Course of Study provides a set of learning standards for each competency. Within each standard are clearly defined, age-appropriate SEL skills students will learn and demonstrate throughout the curriculum.

Instructional Program

The Fly Five instructional program is a comprehensive set of print and digital instructional and learning materials that are aligned to the social and emotional learning standards and skills for each grade level. Curriculum kits are customized across all nine grade levels to engage students where they are and encourage them to grow and explore their age-specific social and emotional competence.

Fly Five Components


  • Teacher Guide: an instructional manual that guides teachers on how to deliver each session
  • Student Journals: a resource used to support students’ exploration of lesson objectives
  • Scenario Cards: a teacher- and student-facing resources used to continue the practice of the explored SEL skills.
  • Mindfulness Cards: activities used to foster students’ mindfulness practice
  • Posters: a resource for kindergarten through fourth grade that provides visuals to support students’ exploration of the lesson objective
  • PowerPoints: a digital resource for third through eighth grade to provide visuals to support students’ exploration of the lesson objective
  • School-to-Home Connection: an online resource for parents and guardians that communicates the SEL skills students are exploring in the classroom
  • Access to online media that provides additional information related to the visuals and student journal pages
  • Access to professional development to support lesson implementation

Digital Platform

This online tool includes customized resources to encourage and engage students and they explore SEL skills. Teachers will have access to:

  • Creating and SEL profile for your classroom
  • Helpful hints to guide lesson implementation
  • Teacher resources
  • School-to-Home Connection
  • PowerPoints (grades 3-8)

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