Mindfulness in a Time of COVID-19

Center for Responsive Schools has a new program soon to come: Fly Five, The Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum.

Over the years we’ve heard from our Responsive Classroom audience that educators really want an SEL curriculum – and not just any curriculum, one that is developmentally responsive to students’ needs, that is engaging and practical, and that will truly round out the learning programs of school communities.

Fly Five is in development and scheduled for release in early 2021, but we thought that parts of this program could be so helpful to educators and students during the COVID-19 health crisis that we needed to share some pieces ahead of schedule!

Below you’ll find a few sample mindfulness exercises. During this time when educators, students, and students’ caregivers are transitioning to working and schooling from home, there is a need for helpful strategies to cope with emotions.


Self- Compassion
Strong as the wind
Network Connection

Use these activities with your own children at home, or with your students during an online learning session. Use the adult mindfulness activity on your own and share it with friends and colleagues. Each activity is designed to help individuals recognize and manage those uncomfortable emotions we’re all feeling right now so that we can remain on a successful trajectory.

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