New Year, New Habits

January 2020

New Year, New Habits

Contributing Editor: Sarah Fillion, Director of Consulting and Certification at CRS

Happy 2020! Sending you best wishes for a happy and healthy year ahead! It is during this time of year that we often set year-long goals to push ourselves to improve, refine, and grow both personally and professionally. Al­though our aspirations are well intended, there are many challenges we must overcome in order to stay the course.

In this issue, we will explore how habits permeate every aspect of our lives and how we can support the long-term goals we’ve recently decided upon through small changes in our habits. By making small tweaks to practices that we do repeatedly and without conscious effort, we can achieve, and exceed, our resolutions and make them a permanent positive change to our lives.

Articles in this Issue

Creating Healthy Habits image
June 2020

Creating Healthy Habits

Many of us can identify a time in our lives when we planned to make healthier lifestyle changes, such as eating better, getting more sleep, exercising regularly, and reducing stressors,…

Teacher Language: A Habit Worth Developing image
June 2020

Teacher Language: A Habit Worth Developing

We speak over 15,000 words per day (Mehl et al., 2007), which means that there are many opportuni­ties to build up students, colleagues, and loved ones— or opportunities when we…

Habits of Lifelong Learners image
June 2020

Habits of Lifelong Learners

Research shows that exceptional professionals in the field of education are those with the habit of developing and refining their craft (Darling-Ham­mond, 2017). Educators know that the field is a…

Always a Reason: Understanding Habits to Help Students Change Them image
June 2020

Always a Reason: Understanding Habits to Help Students Change Them

Changing a habit is difficult to do for adults, and helping others change habits is even more chal­lenging. Add to that the com­plexities of the individual you are trying to…