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Learning Together: Communicating and Adapting Through Changes

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We looked back through the past year of Journal of Social and Emotional Learning and the conversations we’ve had with each other on social media to see what you have been focused on over the course of 2020. Our most popular journal articles, downloads, and social media posts show that our followers have been busy adapting to teaching in online spaces, finding ways to bring hope and joy to their students virtually, staying healthy and balanced, and—most of all—furthering their professional learning. Take a look at some of your favorites resources from throughout the year!

Top 5 Responsive Classroom Posts on Facebook

Most Popular Posts on Instagram

Top 5 Journal of Social-Emotional Learning Articles in 2020

Top 5 Journal of Social-Emotional Learning Articles in 2020

Over 95% of principals in this survey believe that social and emotional skills are teachable in school and they are committed to developing SEL skills in their students. Are YOU?

Why graphic novels and picture books?

The combination of pictures and text is a powerful way to engage the imagination, to tell a relatable story, and to convey emotions and feelings in a visually impactful way.

Looking for effective discipline practices?

Learn more about the Responsive Classroom approach to positive discipline.

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