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Learning Together: Connecting With Students, Community, and Each Other

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Our most popular social media posts and articles so far in 2021 make it clear how much time and effort our followers invest in connecting with their students, building trusting communities, and meeting all students’ needs—academically, socially, and emotionally.

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Learning Together

Our Most Read Articles

Recent SEL Research

[During remote teaching], most teachers reported that the bigger frustrations had to do with factors that got in the way of their ability to build and maintain their personal connections with students and support their students’ social-emotional growth.

Dr. Hedy Teglasi & Kelsey McCurdy – Temperament and Narratives Lab, University of Maryland

Educators are facing so many stressors, and they need systemic supports with their own socio-emotional needs before they can meet the needs of their students.

Dr. Jelena Obradović – Stanford Project on Adaptation and Resilience in Kids (SPARK Lab), Stanford University

For individuals to feel committed, honored, relevant, and a part of something, one needs to go in asking the questions: ‘How do you think about this? And what do you do?’ It’s basic humanness, honoring the existence of another.

Dr. Stephanie Jones – Ecological Approaches to Social Emotional Learning (EASEL) Laboratory, Harvard University

Interactive Modeling
A Powerful technique for teaching children.

Use this strategy in your classroom, during virtual learning, or at home with your own children!

Over 95% of principals in this survey believe that social and emotional skills are teachable in school and they are committed to developing SEL skills in their students. Are YOU?

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