Resolution on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

WHEREAS, human diversity can be defined as differences in race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and/or mental capabilities, and religious beliefs, and all these vast diversities exist among and between the students in schools everywhere;

WHEREAS, Center for Responsive Schools (CRS) has, at the heart of its vision and mission, a commitment to helping create school and classroom communities where all students are welcomed and receive a world-class education and find hope and joy every day;

WHEREAS, human diversity is not always sufficiently represented in either broad or specific ways among the educators who teach and that education products, resources, and materials are not always designed to adequately create teaching conditions and practices that embrace the diversity of experiences and perspectives of students;

WHEREAS, CRS is committed to creating relevant and impactful products and services that reflect the lived experiences of educators and students;

WHEREAS, CRS recognizes diversity, inclusion, and equity as essential to positive and healthy school and classroom communities; and

WHEREAS, CRS recognizes value for the vastness of human diversity within and between school and classroom communities and society-at-large as essential and enriching to learning, working, the human experience in general, and living the ideals of a free and democratic society;

Be it therefore RESOLVED, that

CRS is committed to fostering attitudes, behaviors, practices, and knowledge that promote and habituate diversity, inclusion, and equity in our workplace and in the schools that use our programs, products, and services; and

CRS’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity will be reflected in the organization at all levels: in the company culture; in behavior and actions of individual staff; in the actions and perspectives of the board and individual board members; and in the ways in which products are developed, delivered, and marketed in order to reach and serve all students.