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Staff Directory

Executive Team

Picture of Dr. Lora Hodges

Dr. Lora Hodges

President & Chief Executive Officer View Profile
Picture of Becky Tower-Hughes

Becky Tower-Hughes

Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Administration and Strategy

Picture of Dr. Tonia Bonner

Dr. Tonia Bonner

Human Resources

Information Technology

Picture of Chris Farr

Chris Farr

Director of Information Technology
Picture of Stephen Consolini

Stephen Consolini

Picture of Bobby Bowles

Bobby Bowles

Picture of Will Beebe

Will Beebe


Picture of Jim Trice

Jim Trice

Picture of Lindsey Sall

Lindsey Sall

Chief Financial Officer
Picture of Ana Sofia Semedo

Ana Sofia Semedo

Picture of Del Perry

Del Perry

Billing and Order Processing Manager
Picture of Melissa Bratcher

Melissa Bratcher

Customer Care Representative
Picture of Christina Fisher

Christina Fisher

Publication Sales Coordinator
Picture of Natalie Tacke

Natalie Tacke

Registrations Coordinator
Picture of Bill Fitzpatrick

Bill Fitzpatrick

Collections and Payroll Coordinator
Picture of Chris Coffman

Chris Coffman

Accounts Receivable Clerk
Picture of Erin Slott

Erin Slott


Picture of Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

Assistant Director of Marketing
Picture of Kristen Vincent

Kristen Vincent

Assistant Director of Marketing
Picture of Clara Marino

Clara Marino

Event Planning Assistant
Picture of Laura Perry

Laura Perry

Social Media Specialist
Picture of Amelia Marchand

Amelia Marchand

Picture of Cornelius Dineen

Cornelius Dineen

Picture of Laura Schlaikjer

Laura Schlaikjer

Picture of Liz Brandenburg

Liz Brandenburg

Responsive Classroom

Picture of Karen Poplawski

Karen Poplawski

Chief Program Officer, Responsive Classroom View Profile
Picture of Jane Cofie

Jane Cofie

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Picture of Amber Searles

Amber Searles

Curriculum and Instructional Designer
Picture of Joe Tilley

Joe Tilley

Curriculum and Instructional Designer

Professional Learning

Picture of Michelle Benson

Michelle Benson

Chief Professional Learning Officer View Profile
Picture of Nori Madrigal

Nori Madrigal

Director of Certification
Picture of Ramona McCullough

Ramona McCullough

Educational Consultant and Coach
Picture of Kerry O’Grady

Kerry O’Grady

Educational Consultant and Coach
Picture of Deanna Ross

Deanna Ross

Educational Consultant and Coach
Picture of Ann Rose Santoro

Ann Rose Santoro

Educational Consultant and Coach
Picture of Neneh Torrence

Neneh Torrence

Picture of Diane Swift

Diane Swift

Office and Project Assistant

Fly Five

Picture of Jazmine Franklin

Jazmine Franklin

Picture of Samantha Nacht

Samantha Nacht

Creative and Art Director
Picture of Anjail Kenyatta

Anjail Kenyatta

Director of Content and Curriculum Development
Picture of Ellie Cornecelli

Ellie Cornecelli

Director of Program Development and Engagement
Picture of Janessa Martin

Janessa Martin

Senior Content and Curriculum Developer
Picture of Carolyn Curtis

Carolyn Curtis

Picture of Angelica Mariveles

Angelica Mariveles

Digital and Graphic Designer

Educational Partnership

Picture of Terrence McAllister

Terrence McAllister

Interim Co-Chief of Educational Partnerships
Picture of Tina Mashburn

Tina Mashburn

Interim Co-Chief of Educational Partnerships View Profile
Picture of Duke Ammon

Duke Ammon

Educational Partnership Consultant
Picture of Lauren Cahillane

Lauren Cahillane

Educational Partnership Consultant
Picture of Savanna Young

Savanna Young

Office and Project Assistant


Picture of Barbara Findlen

Barbara Findlen

Picture of Kevin Bradley

Kevin Bradley

Picture of Noelle Serafino

Noelle Serafino

Associate Editor
Picture of Elizabeth Greene

Elizabeth Greene

Picture of Anne Sussman

Anne Sussman

Copyeditor and Production Coordinator

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