Webinar: Building and Strengthening Adult Communities

Building and Strengthening Adult Communities


Every person has the same basic human needs for belonging, significance, and fun. As school leaders, meeting those needs for adult communities can be both a goal and a challenge.

This interactive webinar provides school leaders with an introduction to the Responsive Classroom practices that help meet these basic needs in order to strengthen social and emotional learning in the whole-school community, whether you’re communicating virtually or back in your school building. Structures for leaders to use in staff meetings and professional development will be examined.

Key takeaways:

  • Reflect upon and apply proven strategies to building positive adult communities.
  • Engage in structured discussions with other school leaders about how to address the basic human needs for belonging, significance, and fun for adults in both remote and in-person settings.
  • Dig into Responsive Classroom practices for academic engagement as a strategy to build and strengthen your adult school community.


90 minutes


Margie Dorshorst elementary principal Our Presenter

Margie Dorshorst

Margie Dorshorst has an extensive education career spanning 33 years, and has served as an elementary principal, speech-language pathologist, Able Learner teacher, and staff development facilitator in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and has also presented at state and national conferences. Through her various roles, she has helped create systems that empower teachers and schools to design and implement innovative practices, and she is committed to supporting teachers and schools with the tools and systems that propel all children to academic and social success. Margie has served as a Responsive Classroom consulting teacher for Center for Responsive Schools for over 15 years.

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