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Photo of Sandra Patricia Cano

Sandra Patricia Cano

Patricia Cano is thrilled to be part of the Responsive Classroom team, bringing over 20 years of bilingual education experience. She is originally from Colombia, where she taught English as a Second Language for seven…

Books by Sandra Patricia Cano
Photo of Leah Carson

Leah Carson

Leah Carson started her career as a second grade public school teacher sixteen years ago. Since then, she has taught students in kindergarten through fourth grade as both a classroom teacher and a special educator.…

Photo of Gina Castelli

Gina Castelli

Gina Castelli has been teaching adults and children for over 17 years. She studied elementary education at the University of Delaware where she now teaches as an adjunct professor, and received a master’s degree in…

Books by Gina Castelli
Photo of Ruth Sidney Charney

Ruth Sidney Charney

Ruth Sidney Charney, a co-founder of Northeast Foundation for Children (now Center for Responsive Schools), has thirty-plus years of experience as a teacher in classrooms in New York City and western Massachusetts and as a…

Photo of Rio Clemente

Rio Clemente

Rio Clemente is a sixth grade social studies teacher in New Jersey with over seventeen years of experience in the middle school setting. He has a BA from Boston University and an MA from Walden…

Photo of Jane Cofie

Jane Cofie

Jane Cofie is a curriculum and instructional designer for Center for Responsive Schools. She was an elementary general education teacher in Fairfax County, Virginia, for nineteen years. She received her bachelor’s degree in English and…

Books by Jane Cofie
Photo of Joe Cole

Joe Cole

Joe Cole is a middle school math teacher and K–8 mathematics instructional coach at Northeast College Prep (NECP) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After attaining his master’s degree in education from the University of California, he taught…

Books by Joe Cole
Photo of Ellie Cornecelli

Ellie Cornecelli

Ellie Cornecelli is director of program development and engagement for Fly Five. She works with teachers and curriculum writers as both a facilitator and supervisor in creating all curriculum components for fifth through eighth grade.…

Books by Ellie Cornecelli
Photo of Melissa Correa-Connolly

Melissa Correa-Connolly

Melissa Correa-Connolly has been an elementary and middle school educator for many years. She has been a classroom teacher, a bilingual teacher, a special education teacher, and an academic counselor, and she’s worked for Center…

Photo of Caltha Crowe

Caltha Crowe

Caltha Crowe’s teaching career spanned thirty-eight years before leaving the classroom in 2007. She taught a range of elementary grades and preschool in a variety of settings, including schools in urban New Haven, Connecticut, the…

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