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March 2020
Safe, Joyful, and Engaging: It Doesn't Matter Where or How (Special Edition)

We know educators everywhere are experiencing their own array of emotions and challenges surrounding the sudden changes presented by immediate school closures. We also know these challenges are being met with hope, ingenuity, and compassion. In this special edition issue, you will hear from a variety of educators about the ways they are coping, adjusting, and finding ways to continue creating hope and joy for their students.

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February 2020
Literacy and SEL

In this issue, we explore and define social-emotional literacy, discover the importance of picture books, and learn how graphic novels are more than a novelty. These insights are tools you can use on your SEL journey and may even provide you with the gift of time. Our favorite books and characters are as varied as ourselves, but their impact is universal and cannot be denied.

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January 2020
New Year, New Habits

In this issue, we will explore how habits permeate every aspect of our lives and how we can support the long-term goals we’ve recently decided upon through small changes in our habits. By making small tweaks to practices that we do repeatedly and without conscious effort, we can achieve, and exceed, our resolutions and make them a permanent positive change to our lives.

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December 2019
Recognizing Emotions

One of the most beautiful things about being a human being is our ability to experience and express emotions. This month’s issue is all about our emotions and their influence on how we get along with others and with ourselves. Developing emotional competence is a life-long process of learning to recognize, name, and manage our emotions in order to improve our success in life, learning, play, work, and relationships.

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November 2019
The Importance of Play

How are we valuing the time-honored art of play and gifting it to our students and ourselves? In this issue we will explore the importance of play, how the game of play is changing in today’s world, and ways we can keep play alive.

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October 2019
Social & Emotional Competence

As you begin reading, you will embark on a journey with us as we explore the role of social and emotional learning and its potential impact on the lives of students and educators in the US and around the world. While you see the significance on a daily basis, it is important to acknowledge that the growing role and impact of social and emotional learning (SEL) on student success has accelerated beyond what even the originators of the term envisioned when they first coined it in 1994.

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