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Photo of Caitie Meehan

Caitie Meehan

Caitie Meehan has been teaching for almost fifteen years and is currently a fourth grade math teacher in Washington, DC. She has experience teaching in Title I schools and has seen how the benefits of…

Photo of Andy Moral

Andy Moral

Andy Moral is a fourth grade teacher at Sol Feinstone Elementary School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He has fifteen years of classroom experience, teaching all subjects in various intermediate grades. Andy, a certified Responsive Classroom…

Books by Andy Moral
Photo of Emily Parrelli

Emily Parrelli

Emily Parrelli is a middle school English teacher and Responsive Classroom instructional coach in Nashville-area independent schools. She loves being a part of her students’ journey as they cross the bridge that is middle school.

Photo of Karen Poplawski

Karen Poplawski

Prior to becoming Chief Programs Officer for Responsive Classroom at Center for Responsive Schools, Karen was a Responsive Classroom Curriculum & Instructional Designer, and Consulting Teacher, working with educators worldwide to transform their school communities.…

Books by Karen Poplawski
Photo of Joan Riordan

Joan Riordan

Joan Riordan began her career as an educator in 1990 after a brief time in the financial world. She has been teaching kindergarten ever since. Joan is a team leader, cooperating teacher, and mentor for…

Photo of Rebecca Roan

Rebecca Roan

Rebecca Roan is a picture book author. She is a recipient of the PEN New England Children’s Book Discovery Award for her picture book Dragons Get Colds Too. Rebecca lives in northeastern Pennsylvania where she…

Photo of Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose

Jenny Rose is a writer and picture book author. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, daughters, Collie pups, and pet rabbits. Visit Jenny at

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Photo of Sarah Scavone

Sarah Scavone

Sarah Scavone is currently a K-5 reading specialist in Charlottesville, Virginia and has classroom experience teaching third, fourth, and fifth grades. She has served in the field of education since 2001 and was recognized in…

Books by Sarah Scavone
Photo of Amber Searles

Amber Searles

Amber Searles is currently a curriculum and instructional designer at Center for Responsive Schools. She began her education career as a middle school business education teacher. Implementing Responsive Classroom practices and strategies allowed her to…

Photo of Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Brian is the head of middle school at Holy Spirit Episcopal School in Houston, Texas, where he works with fifth through eighth grade students and staff. His favorite thing about working with students this age…

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