Social and Emotional Type Inventory (SETI)


Social and emotional learning begins in early childhood and continues throughout adulthood. With this in mind, we created the Social and Emotional Type Inventory (SETI) for adults. The SETI, a key component of Fly Five, is a typology inventory intended to help adults identify areas of strength and growth in their social and emotional competence.

Your responses to the 53-item SETI are used to identify you as a member of one of four SEL family types: Harmonizers, Movers, Administrators, and Creators. Each of the four family types has eight members, totaling 32 social and emotional types.



Harmonizers SETI Group

Harmonizers focus their energy on teamwork and regulating their behavior to succeed. They generally communicate clearly while adhering to traditional moral boundaries. Where the Regulator in them is methodical, relying on a foundation that brought past success, Harmonizers’ Synergist nature leans toward creating friendships. Harmonizers tend to exhibit relationship-building skills that complement their strong moral compass, which may lead a group down a well-mapped path to success.

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Movers SETI Family

Movers attend to their instincts and live in the moment. They tend to act spontaneously, often pushing boundaries rather than abiding by them. Where the Synergist in them tends toward building relationships and helping others out, the Adventurer takes chances and contends with consequences after choices have been made. Movers’ ability to communicate clearly while testing limits may provide innovative leadership that helps a group succeed.

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Administrators focus on dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. They are task-oriented, intentional, and adept at finding ways to persist when working toward their goals. The Insulator in them focuses attentively on their achieving their goals before forming relationships, while the Regulator drums up motivation and willpower to take initiative and put themselves on a path toward finishing what they set out to do. Administrators are likely to be viewed as hard-working, rule-abiding, and instinctually moral; they tend to lead by example and trust in themselves to choose the most constructive option available.

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Creators live in the moment and let their impulses push or pull them in their desired direction. They are motivated by spontaneity, their emotions, and lively collaboration to achieve their goals. The Adventurer in them sees opportunity anywhere and will let a fleeting idea reshape their path of travel. This is not because they are easily distracted, but because they firmly believe in the value and veracity of their instincts. The Insulator in them keeps Creators grounded in their work and focused on prioritizing their goals over idle socializing or overanalyzing what the past or future may hold.

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